Exchange and Cancellation

  • The products once purchased and installed cannot be returned unless the products are found to be defective in the warranty period offered by the manufacturing company, in which case the product shall either be repaired or exchanged for same product as per the policy of manufacturer.
  • A product once purchased but not installed can be returned if the packaging has not been damaged. The cost of transport for return of the material shall be born by the customer. After return of the material, it will be inspected for any damages to packaging and checked against the dispatch order to match the same items as dispatched. If no discrepancy is found in the returned material the customer shall be entitled to refund of the amount of transaction less the amount charged by payment gateway for order processing and the transport charge of material as per the order invoice.
  • Return of damaged material or material not matching with actual order invoice shall equal forgery and cheating and shall attract legal action against the customer